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Agmest Trading Agencies Co. Ltd. is a member of AGMEST Group Investment and Development which started its business activities in 1993 in Iraq as ALJAMEA’A Scientific and Medical Bureau (The University Bureau), then became DAR-ALOULOOM Bureau Medical & Scientific equipment and appliances (The Sciences House Bureau).


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 Between 1996-2004 many companies were founded in different specialties in the Health Care business Domain and in Construction works to meet the markets’ requirements. Which were then joined together in one group functioning and integrating in operational unity, to be able to provide one solution in one stop services concept to our customers.  In 2003 a decision was made to name this group of companies and Bureaus A.G.M.E.S.T which is an acronym formed from; A is the initials letter of ALJAMEA’A the name of the first  bureau operated in 1993, G stand for Group, M for Medical, E for Engineering, S for Solutions and T for Technologies. This name AGMEST became the brand name of our group of companies and has been registered officially in Iraq and Jordan since 2004. The groups’ management board chose to register Agmest Trading Agencies Co. Ltd. as an Iraqi entity extension to the previous business history merging many subspecialties and subsidiaries in one consolidated pool acting competently as the effective arm of the group to enhance its position and investment in the Health Care business domain in Iraq.  

Our Business

Via the cooperation with world leading manufacturers, Agmest Trading Agencies performs its business in Iraq with international well-known brands in different specialties to cover the various specialties and applications in the health care sector.

Agmest Trading Agencies principals portfolio covers all specialties relevant to operating theaters thru various state of the art surgical equipment and systems, central sterilization and disinfection solutions, modular rooms systems, imaging and radiology systems, medical furniture, laboratory systems and consumables, interventional appliances, diagnostic and therapeutic ophthalmology systems , ENT and other varied medical equipment.

In order to provide the shortest possible service lead time to our client needs and to secure maximum service support time to the installed systems, Agmest Trading Agencies has 18 Technical service centers and liaison offices distributed in all the provinces of Iraq.

Through the utilization of the different modalities that Agmest Trading Agencies covers, it’s services are not limited to the supply of the medical equipment and services but to also provide complete solutions as turn-key projects and turn-key solutions for hospitals and all related departments and facilities by supplying the high end technical solutions of all needed medical equipment and systems, installation, commissioning and providing the technical, application and service trainings.

 Business expansion

Trading on the success of the medical equipments and systems business, and to provide a comprehensive solution in the healthcare sector, assuring that our people in Iraq continue to have the best international healthcare services standards, solutions and products, Agmest Trading Agencies expanded its services into the pharmaceutical business and founded Agmest Pharmacutical sector  a dedicated business unit cooperating with well-known specialized companies in the pharmaceutical business. Agmest Pharmacutical sector has more than (40) highly qualifies medical representatives and more than (50) specialized sales personnel distributed all over Iraq and supervised by the top managements of company.

 Trading on the success of the medical equipments and systems business, and to provide a comprehensive solution in the healthcare sector, assuring that our people receive the best care possible.

Vision & Mission


“To be the best local services providers in Iraq providing integrated solutions especially in the Health Care Business Sector”.


"Assist our customers reaching their objectives by providing efficient services & comprehensive solutions to meet their requirements and assure their satisfaction & continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system“.

Strategy & Tactics


  • Specialization and focusing .

  • Quality management.

  • Solid, stable and long term partnership.

  • Professionalism.


  • Customer Satisfaction.

  • International standards in business management.

  • Team work spirit.

  • Investment in our human resources.

HR is summary

  •  (5)  Specialized medical doctors with 10-20 years experience in the health care business & services in Iraq.

  • (49) Specialized engineers in medical and lab systems services with 10-20 years experience in Iraq.

  • (32) Specialized marketing & sales officers & managers with 10-20 years experience in Iraq

  • (25) Specialized technicians in services of medical and laboratory systems services.

  • (15) Administrators & Accountants.

  • (46) Services & Security.

Strength points


What sets us apart...

  • On hand awareness of the domestic work environment.

  • Single stop services company, and solution providers.

  • Recruitment of qualified local HR.

  • International business standards (working with 45 international companies in different specialties).

  • Quality management (ISO Certified HQ, Oracle Finance, ERP… etc).

  • Focused on the Iraqi Market with Main office in Baghdad and branches in Najaf, Basra, and Erbil.

  • Offices in Amman, Dubai, and Paris.